Established in 2012, COLO Blending is dedicated to producing the highest quality custom dry blends for our customers.

Our mission at COLO is to provide full service logistics, transportation, and blending services on a global scale.
Food Grade Products
At COLO Blending we have the ability, facility, certifications, and know-how to produce custom dry food grade product blends to your specifications.
Dairy Based Blends

At COLO Blending we have the ability to blend custom dry dairy products to meet your specifications. For more information about dairy blending at COLO Blending, please contact the sales team.

Custom Dry Product Blends

Do you have a project in mind? If you have a product that requires custom dry blending and packaging, let us know! The sales team at COLO Blending would be more than happy to talk to you!

Our Reviews

COLO Logistics is a food grade certified facility that offers a full line of customizable warehouse solutions. We are committed to your satisfaction. Here are some of our favorite reviews!

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. COLO is by far one of the best warehouses to work with in the area. We appreciate all you do to help us accommodate pick ups and deliveries. Thanks COLO!
Maury Munoz
Friendly staff. Loading and unloading times are much faster than the industry standard. COLO continues to be the most efficient in what they do both for drivers and customers alike.
Patrick E
It was a very good experience. They did me right. Special shout out for being friendly. Scale onsite.
Eugene McKenzie
Helpful folks. Stand out among distribution centers.
Kurt Frenter
Fast load. In and out quick, with scale on site.
Bill Eldridge
Contact us to get started

At COLO Logistics, we are committed to providing a complete and hassle-free freight solution for you. Our conveniently located warehouse is equipped to handle any type of freight, as well as repackaging , shrink-wrapping, and transloading it so that you can meet your deadlines and the demands of your customers. We can even make the final shipment for you. Give us a call today or fill out our short contact form to get started.