Our Boardman Cross Docking & Transloading Services

Cross Docking (or Transloading)

COLO Logistics offers a variety of services at our conveniently located facility that is designed to help move your Boardman freight from supplier to customer as fast as possible. One of the services we offer is cross docking or transloading in the Boardman area.

Cross docking or transloading eliminates the need to store your freight for long periods. Rather than delivering your freight somewhere and then waiting for it to be packed and/or shipped, cross docking or transloading allows for the transfer between trucks without having to be stored and managed for any length of time. What we’re doing is taking the freight from the inbound shipping dock and moving it directly to the outbound shipping dock, hence the name “cross docking.” This eliminates the need for storage and the costs associated, as well as helping protect your freight because it means fewer times it has to be moved and it never has to sit anywhere for any length of time.

Cross Docking | Transloading Can Be a Very Effective and Efficient Mode of Transportation

Cross docking or transloading is a great way to help improve efficiency along the supply chain. At our facility near Boardman, we can transfer freight directly between trucks, or in the case of local distribution, help break down your larger shipments. This reduces total shipping times, and the number of companies you need to work with to get your freight to the customer. With your freight transferring between modes of shipping without being stored, you don’t have to worry about inventory management along its route because it’s never being stored.

If You Need to Move Your Freight Cross-Country

If you have freight in Boardman that needs to be sorted before it is shipped, cross docking or transloading helps eliminate the need for a facility to store the freight while it’s being sorted. With cross docking or transloading, pallets of product can be pulled from the various supply trucks and placed directly on the trucks going to the customer. The supply trucks don’t need to make the trek to all the stores.

Colo Logistics Also Offers a Variety of Services Designed to Ensure Safe Transport

Cross docking or transloading is a great solution if you’d like to reduce costs on warehousing and labor, but perishable goods like food can benefit greatly from cross docking or transloading because of how quickly they are able to be distributed once they arrive, and how much more expensive it is to store perishable goods in a climate-controlled and secured location. Being centrally located near Boardman means that any one truck doesn’t have to travel as far to drop off or pick up their freight.

If you’re interested in utilizing our Boardman facility for your cross docking or transloading operations, let’s get started today. We look forward to working with you and your freight!

Our Reviews

COLO Logistics is a food grade certified facility that offers a full line of customizable warehouse solutions. We are committed to your satisfaction. Here are some of our favorite reviews!

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. COLO is by far one of the best warehouses to work with in the area. We appreciate all you do to help us accommodate pick ups and deliveries. Thanks COLO!
Maury Munoz
Friendly staff. Loading and unloading times are much faster than the industry standard. COLO continues to be the most efficient in what they do both for drivers and customers alike.
Patrick E
It was a very good experience. They did me right. Special shout out for being friendly. Scale onsite.
Eugene McKenzie
Helpful folks. Stand out among distribution centers.
Kurt Frenter
Fast load. In and out quick, with scale on site.
Bill Eldridge
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